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Living the Life with a Budget – Hotels in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, or the January River as it is said in English, is a country well known for its beaches.  It generates a rather huge yearly income, and this is mostly due to tourism.  Though a lot of people consider that this is a place for the rich, the tourism industry of the country has come to realize that a lot more revenue can be generated by accommodating even the other classes who wish to enjoy the happy go lucky lifestyle lived by those in Rio.  This is why there are a lot of available Hotels in Rio de Janeiro.


If you go on-line and search for Hotels in Rio de Janeiro, you most likely will find the three to five star hotels that are close to the beaches Copacobana and Ipanema.  Among the better known ones are the Marriott, known to be in almost every country that people would like to visit, as well as the Copacobana Palace Hotel, providing world class service to both local and foreign tourists who want a taste of the Rio brand of lifestyle.  These hotels are are generally found in the beach area, knows at the Zona Sul or the South Zone.


For the businessmen, there are hotels also in the central zone.  Although not as inviting as “Zona Sul”, these are nearer business establishments and other offices in the city.  In the same area one could find the apart-hotels and condominium hotels.  These are apartments and condominium units that are rented out to travelers and tourists.  The advantage of these types of accommodations is that it comes with a kitchen, so one could just cook and not pay the exorbitant hotel food prices.  These types of accommodations can’t be booked by the day though.  Although dependent on the owner of the apartment, the rooms are usually booked for at least a week at a time.


Hostels are also a good alternative to Hotels in Rio de Janeiro.  These are also rooms that are rented out, but with a slightly different twist.  There may be more than one person in a room, and the comfort rooms may be communal as well.  When booking a hostel, it would be best to check with the management to know the exact living accommodations that are to be expected.  It would also be wise to do a background check on the hostel, as some of these could be hoaxes designed to be tourist traps.


There are several options other than Hotels in Rio de Janeiro, but the best thing to do when booking accommodations is to do a check regarding the area and location of the property to know if it would really suit


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